The Green Room is Collecting Seeds and Asking for Volunteers

Sep 26, 2023

The Green Room Seed Library at Stirling Health and Care Village is looking for volunteers to run and maintain seeds, in particular coming into the seed saving months and into the growing year ahead!

“We would love if a couple of people could take on the running of the seed library. It’s to sort seeds into envelopes, gather appropriate information on growing the seeds and attaching a label with the information.”

The Green Room Seed Library is located inside the Outpatient centre, near the RVS Cafe, at Stirling Health and Care Village, FK8 2AU.

A seed library is a community-based initiative that functions as a ‘bank’ for a wide variety of plant seeds. Similar to a traditional library where people borrow books, a seed library allows people to “borrow” seeds for planting in their gardens, encouraging seed saving in return. It is a wonderful way to connect beginner gardeners with growing and gardening enthusiasts alike.

If you would like to find out more about saving seeds and thinking of getting started with growing we recommend visiting Get Growing Scotland for some fantastic resources and guides to get started.

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