Good Food in Action: Growing Food Together in Menstrie

Dec 11, 2023

The Clacks Good Food Charter has a vision where Food in Clacks is
Good for People: Where everyone has the opportunity to grow, cook & enjoy good food together

A once-neglected piece of land in Menstrie has been transformed into a vibrant community garden over the past two decades, all thanks to the dedication of a group of gardening volunteers.

But this project isn’t just about growing; it’s about people coming together to cultivate, cook and enjoy food as a community.

When the initiative first began, the land was derelict, having once been used as drying greens for flats within the Menstrie Castle estate.

However, the community took charge of the site 20 years ago, revitalising the space and creating a thriving garden.

Today, a committed team of volunteers tends to the garden, ensuring a steady supply of vegetables and fruits for distribution to nearby residents.

This initiative showcases the strength of collective effort and individuals working together for the benefit of their community.

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