Grow and Cook Together This Summer

Feb 27, 2024

Sustainable Thinking Scotland

Tullibody Community Garden, have been awarded funding via the Community Mental Health Wellbeing Fund to pilot a new project called “Grow and Cook Together”.

The funding means the garden can employ a Community Gardener to work alongside their Cookery Sessional Worker to put on an enjoyable programme of free gardening and cooking sessions which will run throughout this summer for  local people who would like to learn to grow vegetables and how to cook delicious meals with them.

The programme will have a very ‘hands-on’ approach and is being developed in conjunction with the Coordinating Group, the Garden growing plans for the season, and the Cookery Sessional Worker.

The garden says “we envisage the Gardener providing regular gardening learning/training sessions for over 16s. As you grow throughout the season some sessions will be devoted to learning to prepare and cook what is in season. It will include some Open sessions where the Public, Volunteers and Members can join in with gardening activities. Running from the start of April through to October 2024.”

“Our hopes for the gardening and cooking sessions are to:

  • Increase local people’s gardening and cooking skills.
  • Encourage more gardening and cooking of plant based foods, either at people’s homes or at TCG.
  • Provide a positive, social experience.
  • Increase participant’s appreciation of, and engagement with, Tullibody Community Garden, through volunteering at the garden so we can develop the space for our community.”

“We will undertake a survey of interested people to work out when the best time is to run the sessions. Many people have asked if we could open at the weekend or evenings to allow working people and/or families benefit from the all that is on offer at the garden”

if you are interested in finding out more, contact the garden via email . Or check out the Facebook page – Tullibody Community Garden. the phone number is 07450 230771 – please leave your contact details on the machine as the phone is not monitored all the time.