Gather Around Good Food Stirling

Jun 15, 2023

In May we celebrated our Gather Around Good Food in Stirling, this event brought together individuals from various food sectors and members of the public for a day of engaging discussions centered around the theme of Sustainable Food. The event took place in the wonderful community owned venue of Bannockburn House, along with an incredibly sunny day created an atmosphere of warmth and collaboration.

One of the highlights of the event was the nourishing seasonal local menu provided by talented local caterer, Turnip The Beet. Conversations are always better over a great plate of food and our attendees had the opportunity to savor and appreciate the flavors of the region while engaging in meaningful discussions.

Volunteers from Bannockburn House lead a tour around their fantastic Growing Project, showcasing the efforts and progress made in sustainable food production. This provided valuable insights and inspiration for attendees, fostering a deeper understanding of the importance of local food initiatives. Bannockburn House grew and donated over 2 tonnes of food to Ladies of the Rock in 2022 and continue to grow into 2023.

Inspiring speakers set the tone for the day; 

Andy Ireland from Start Up Stirling commenced the event with a compelling perspective, highlighting the work of Stirling’s Food Bank and their efforts in adapting and expanding community hubs. 

Rhonda Archibald from NHS Forth Valley shared her experiences of working regionally within Forth Valley and shed light on the significant role that the NHS can play in influencing food-related matters.

Pete Ritchie, representing Nourish Scotland, provided a Scottish context by discussing The Good Food Nation Bill and its impact on sustainable food practices. 

The speakers collectively emphasized the importance and power of collaborative efforts in addressing food-related challenges.

Overall, the Gather Around Good Food event in Stirling was a resounding success, bringing together individuals from different backgrounds to engage in enlightening discussions surrounding sustainable food. 

Our morning workshops provided valuable insights to feed into our Sustainable Food Action Planning. Workshop discussions featured were;

Sustainable Food Economy; Facilitated by Carolyn McGill, Forth Valley Food and Drink

Good Food Movements; Facilitated by Emily Harvey, FEL Scotland

Healthy Food For All; Facilitated by Donna Rogers, NHS Forth Valley

Catering and Procurement; Facilitated by Karyn King and Ian Calder, Forth Valley College

Food for Planet; Facilitated by Vicki Ferguson, FEL Scotland

The Gather Around Good Food Stirling campaign will continue with our Stirling West and North rural events, more info to follow soon…

You can enjoy all of the photos from the day, by local photographer Julie Howden in our home page gallery Stirling Food Partnership | Forth Valley Food Futures