Tour of Braehead Community Garden

Feb 14, 2023

Tour of Braehead Community Garden – As part of the Investing in Communities work around Climate Action Planning, Forth Environment Link arranged a learning visit and tour of the well-established Braehead Community Garden, attended by members of the recently formed Denny & Dunipace Allotment Society. The purpose of the tour was to gain inspiration from the opportunities and activities Braehead Garden is able to provide, as well as learn from experienced members about the administrative processes that go into setting up a garden that is both safe and accessible for all.
Picture shows some of the participants of the tour gathering around a speaker at Braehead Community Gardens. The speaker is standing in front of the community raised beds and a polytunnel.

Participants from Denny and Dunipace Allotment Society are enjoying a talk from Braehead Community Garden.

 Growing spaces for communities can take all shapes & sizes and range from sites that cater for individuals – such as the traditional allotment model, to pure community gardens with a high social output and no individual plots. Braehead Community Garden sits somewhere in the middle of this scale, with both individual raised beds alongside a market garden system which is able to provide fresh produce to locals at an affordable price. The garden was therefore an ideal site for Denny & Dunipace Allotment Society to visit as they consider where they want to fit on this scale.

Participants of the garden tour are standing in one of the polytunnels. In the centre is a raised bed filled with some greens. The speaker is standing in the front talking about the space.

The tour included a look at the polytunnels, used both for growing and for community activities.


There will be a free, family friendly celebration to bring people together around our Investing in Communities project, please join us on Sunday 26th Feb, 12pm-4pm

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If you are a member of a group that would benefit from information about how to set up a community garden, please contact Forth Environment Link at: